Chondro Myth #2: They Have a Nasty Disposition

Brooke-Dash_6-22-07Chondros in the early days were primarily wild caught specimens.  In addition to being snatched from the wild and shipped halfway around the world, little was known about their husbandry so they tended to stay somewhat uncomfortable, and therefore grumpy.  Now that captive breeding has been so successful for the past couple decades, several generations of captive raised animals have created much calmer chondros.

In fact, I have several in my collection that are calm enough for strangers to handle.  This includes young strangers like my kids’ friends.  I have 2-3 adult chondros that I can take out and let these kids hold without any fear of a bite.  Now, I do coach them on the proper way to handle the chondros, but after that they’re all good.

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