Soul Train (BE-07-06)

Produced in 2007 from the Mitey Mel x Lil Stevie pairing, Soul Train is a shining star of the collection.  Certainly one of the highest melanistic chondros in known collections.  He is calm and beautiful, what else can you ask for?

Clutches:  [2014]


Dash-O-Pepper (GM-06-30)

Produced by Greg Maxwell, Dash came here at six months old and is nearly as calm as Soul Train.  Dash finally proved himself with his first clutch in 2014, and his genetics continues to produce top notch chondros.

Clutches:  [2013]

MItey Mel

Mitey Mel

Produced by Jeff Hudson from a Lemontree male (Dagon) and a blue line female from Greg Maxwell.  MiteyMel produced his first clutch in 2007 with Lil Stevie and continues to produce offspring with outstanding results.

Clutches:  [2013]  [2011]  [2007]


Hanging Chad x Angelica (GM-07-58)

Produced by Greg Maxwell, this male comes from solid high yellow lineage.  I have plans to pair him with some of my females once they are proven out with my proven males first.



Merlot (BE-07-13)

Full clutchmate to Soul Train and several other high black animals, Merlot was the only one to go pastel.  She was the smallest and darkest baby, weighing in at 4.9 grams when she hatched.  She had a remarkable appetite and quickly caught up to her siblings in growth.  She was paired with Dash in 2012 and produced some outstanding results.



Farm bred Merauke type from 2007, this girl is a fantastic specimen of what a green tree python would look like in the wild.  Soft green with awesome blue highlights along the sides and belly.  She was has produced 2 clutches as of 2014, and continues to be a solid breeder.


MelloYello (CM-07-46)

Produced by Cathy Maynard from two “normal” green Jaya parents, this girl is stunning.  I purchased her second hand from a collector who got her directly from Cathy.  She has been in my collection since 2009 and has produced some fantastic offspring.



Dusty is a full sibling to Soul Train and Merlot.  She is a solid healthy female, but has only produced a 4 offspring through 2 different pairings.