Dash-O-Pepper x Merlot (10 babies)

Dash-O-Pepper x Merlot — babies are here!!

Dash is from Greg Maxwell’s repeat pairing of My Hobbit (aka Merauke Outcross) and Pepper in 2006.  Both the 2004 and 2006 pairings of these two produced some fantastic melanistic chondros.

Merlot is from my 2007 pairing of Mite Mel and Lil Stevie.  This pairing also produced melanistic animals, some on par with Greg’s animals.

Dash   merlot_1

Update Dec. 27 – Merlot had her pre-lay shed.  Looking forward to eggs in a few weeks.

Here is Merlot basking on Dec. 30 looking mighty pastel, even for her.

merlot_basking  merlot_eggs2

Update Jan 19 – Merlot laid 10 eggs and no slugs today.  They are all set up in the incubator, and most look to have vein development.  Will know more in a couple weeks about how many are good or not.

Update Mar 12 – Eight babies have emerged, and the other two are alive but still in their eggs.

IMG_6568   IMG_6575

Update Mar 13 – all 10 have hatched.  Woohoo, 100%!!  Several are extremely dark.  I mean DARK.

Update Mar 30 – All have had their first meals and sheds.  Here are current shots of the clutch.  Just click an image for the larger view.

BE-13-06_A   BE-13-07_B   BE-13-08_A

BE-13-09_B   BE-13-10_A   BE-13-11_B

BE-13-13_C   BE-13-14_B   BE-13-15_B

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