GM-07-58 x MelloYello (10 babies)

GM-07-58    pairing_X    MY1

GM-07-58 is from Greg Maxwell’s Hanging Chad x Angelica pairging.  Although this male did not become HY, there were several from this clutch that did.

MelloYello – a Jayapura creation from Cathy Maynard, from two green parents.

20140506_204652[1]  Ovulation:  not witnessed  20140626_184552[1]

Pre-lay shed:  April 15

Update April 24:  MelloYello is getting restless,looking to nest soon.

Update May 5:  10 eggs, no slugs

Update June 25:  100% hatch, 9 Yellows, 1 Red



  1. When will the mello yellow offspring and the soul train offspring be available. I am considering buying one of them or one of mello Yellow’s offspring from last year.

    • Will be starting to offer these babies within the next couple weeks. Last year’s MelloYello babies are pretty much spoken for.


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