Mitey Mel x MelloYello (5 babies)

Mitey Mel x MelloYello — can you say High Yellow from red neos??

Mitey Mel is 50% Lemontree and 50% blue line.  He is a prolific breeder, and those yellow genetics always show up in his offspring.

MelloYello is a Jayapura creation from Cathy Maynard, from two green parents.  Her freakishly yellow coloration with Mitey Mel’s high yellow genetics ought to produce some great offspring.

They bred on and off for about a month before Mitey Mel seemed to lose interest.  I was not aware she was gravid until the day she laid her eggs.



Update Nov. 22 – MelloYello lays 12 eggs from her perch.  All 12 eggs were set up in the incubator.  Four of the eggs were lost within two weeks as they succumbed to mold.  Those eggs appeared to have little or no vein development.MMxMY_eggs1

Update Dec 21 – All of the remaining eight eggs show strong vein development.  They have been incubating at 87.4 deg F for 29 days now.  A hatch date around Jan 10 is expected.

Update Jan 11 – Eggs starting to hatch.  One has fully emerged and one has a nose out.  Looks like a mixed clutch as the first two are reds!

Update Mar 09 – All offspring have had 10 meals and have shed twice.  They all appear to be thriving, woohoo!

BE-13-01                                     BE-13-02                                     BE-13-03

IMG_6553     IMG_6555     IMG_6557

BE-13-04                                    BE-13-05

IMG_6558     IMG_6565

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