Reptile Forums and Information Websites

Here is a list of various web forums and information resources dedicated to reptiles.  If you would like to see other sites added here, please contact me.


Morelia Viridis Forums – the largest discussion forum dedicated to green tree pythons

iHerp – social media and software for reptile keepers

Kingsnake – reptile classifieds and forums

Fauna Classifieds – reptile classifieds, forums, and the famous Board of Inquiry (BOI)

Reptile Radio Forums – just like the title says

Herp Nation – everything reptiles

USARK – US Association of Reptile Keepers (the politics of reptiles)

Ball Python Forum – just like the title says



Reptile Vet List – there are several lists available on the web, but this one seems to be the most up-to-date.