Soul Train x Slexie (9 babies)

SoulTrain     pairing_X     Slexie

Soul Train was produced by me in 2007 with Mitey Mel and Lil Stevie.  There were several other high black offspring, with Soul Train being the pick of the litter.

Slexie is a presumed farm bred Merauke type from 2007, almost void of white.


20140415_193813[1]Update April 6:  9 eggs laidsoul-train-x-slexie-hatching

Update April 24:   All eggs looking good

Hatch: May 28-29

All 9 babies hatched out on their own


BE-14-01     BE-14-02     BE-14-03

BE-14-04     BE-14-05     BE-14-06

BE-14-07     BE-14-08     BE-14-09


  1. So I am curious if you will be selling any of these beauties and if so, when? Also I am very impressed with what you do, keep up the good work!

    • Yes, will be starting to offer them for sale in a few weeks. Just took some updated pictures and they are looking great!

  2. Sign me up for one of these when they become available.

    • Will do.

      • Thanks. Very interested in 03.


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