Soul Train x Lil Stevie (bust)


Soul Train x Lil Stevie — can someone say high BLACK??

Soul Train was produced by me in 2007 with Mitey Mel and Lil Stevie.  There were several other high black offspring, with ST being the pick of the litter.

Lil Stevie was produced by Steve Gordon with a blue line sire and a Wamena type dam.  When she was paired with Mitey Mel in 2007, they produced some fantastic high black offspring.  This is her fourth pairing.

Update Mar 09 – After lots of copulating, Lil Stevie never appeared to produce follicles.  So for this season this pairing is a bust.  At least Soul Train didn’t cower in a corner this year, but bred nearly every waking moment he was with Lil Stevie.  I am optimistic about his future!

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