What Are Green Tree Python Races?

Indonesia_Papua_MapGreen tree pythons are indigenous to the Indonesian islands, primarily Papua and Papua New Guinea, and northern Australia.  And while they are all from the same part of the world, there are distinct physical differences between animals that are collected from different parts of the island (and other islands).

What is difficult to keep track of is exactly where the green tree pythons were collected.  Wild caught specimens are typically collected by locals or natives, and they sell them to middle men – traders who deal in live animals.  These middle men will export the animals from various regional airports, and when it was noticed that the animals had different traits, it was the departure airport that became the label for those with similar traits.  Like the Meraukes or Arus originate from the southern part of Papua, and have a similar look being mostly green with various amounts of white scales along the dorsal.  Biaks are from the northern barrier islands, and typically show splotchy areas of yellow with white or black highlights.  Highland animals such as Jayapura and Wamena are from the central regions where the mountains are.  Not only do these animals look different being darker green with blue dorsal striping and diamonds, but they also tend to do better with cooler and drier environments since they are naturally found at higher elevations.

Individual races (or locales) are covered in other articles.

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